Bob D'Eith

Principal Lawyer

Bob D'Eith has been a fixture of the BC music scene for the past 30 years. Musician, Author, Consultant and Entertainment Lawyer, Bob D'Eith brings a wealth of experience to the table for any cleint. Focusing primarily on music and new media law, Bob can guide a client through the potential landmines of the entertainment business.


Bob has represented some of Canada's top songwriters, record labels, music publishers, artists, music companies, managers, producers, actors and many other entertainment professionals and companies. Some of his clients have been with Bob for over a decade and trust him to be their advocate in all matters.


Bob D'Eith recently published A Career in Music: the other 12 step program, a music business and legal book aimed at emerging independent artists and new music companies. Bob often lectures on the topics of music law and music business at colleges, universities and for music industry associations.


Bob is happy to spend the time with new and emerging artists to walk them through the music business and to explain basic music law and the revenues that flow from copyright and trademark.