Practice Areas

D'Eith & Company primarily practices entertainment law focusing on music and new media.
Music Law


D'Eith & Company is happy to handle all music related legal matters including drafting and negotiating recording, publishing, licensing, producer, band, songwriter and other music related agreements. 


Schedule an appointment to ascertain the legal requirements surrounding your music project or business.




Copyright Law

​Get advice about Canadian copyright law including copyright registrations and protecting copyrights. 

New Media Law



The digital world requires a clear understanding of digital copyright law. D'Eith & Company can provide terms of use, program guidelines, online contracts and other new media agreements.


Trademark Law

Aside from Copyright Law, one of the most important areas in the entertainment industry is trademarks/tradenames, especially with the decline of physical sales. There is a huge amount of potential value in a name. Let D'Eith & Company help you to protect these important rights.


Corporate/Commercial Law



Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited company, D'Eith & Company can handle all of the name reservations, registrations, incorporations, shareholder or partnership agreements, minute book set-up and annual filing requirements.



Notary Public

​As a law firm, we are able to provide basic notary public requirements including the taking of affidavits and the swearing of statutory declarations.